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Feel free to comment, discuss, add, or challenge anything on this blog. The idea of the Flight Log is to find our common culture amidst the regional differences. I'm looking for a clear understanding, and everything I write is meant to facilitate discussion toward that goal. Enjoy.

10 November 2011

My Introduction

            I am a lot of things; I’m a college graduate, a working member of society, a member of an amazing family, friend to astonishingly diverse people, an afraid artist, lost writer, outdoorsman, handy man, lover, and stoner. First and foremost, I am me. I am Frank Christian Irish. At the time of this undertaking, I am a 23 year old farm hand with a degree that is not being used. Instead of struggling to find a job in my field, I started working on a horse boarding farm, working my body to its limits in every type of weather conceivable, and I’m happy. In my spare time, I draw comics, help out my friends and family, hangout with my grandfather, and write. Like most Americans my age, I am trying to find my place in life while drifting through the social currents and stresses that accompany my situation. And, as I at this very second understand it, like most Americans my age, I’ve smoked marijuana. I was in college, drunk, curious, and able to do it, so I did it. I wasn’t pressured to do it, and it wasn’t something I had been around. During high school, I made it a point to stay away from it, was downright opposed to even hanging with people who did. That was just the way I was raised, believing that pot was evil and something that made you as dumb as a doornail. I was indoctrinated in what society viewed as a proper stance on a mislabeled substance.