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Feel free to comment, discuss, add, or challenge anything on this blog. The idea of the Flight Log is to find our common culture amidst the regional differences. I'm looking for a clear understanding, and everything I write is meant to facilitate discussion toward that goal. Enjoy.

Smoking Classes

My present view of the marijuana smoking culture is centered around a three class hierarchy:

Junior Pothead (Class 3)
A junior pothead is what it sounds like, someone who is new to the wonderful world of marijuana. Not all of us knew everything when we started smoking. Like any other endeavor in life, there is a time where you are learning the tricks of the trade, getting comfortable with the new outlooks, gaining valuable experience to accomplish the task. For simplification, a J.P. is like an apprentice. Someone at this level of smoking tends to be naive in their understanding, pretending to know more than is actually there. For instance, mimicking a more seasoned smoker while smoking a bowl, a few J.P.’s I know will leave the chamber full of smoke, stale by the time they finally pass the piece. A junior pothead may be in possession of a piece themselves, but more than likely they borrowed it. I know one who has bought a bowl, and not only am I offended (due to the personality), but I believe this individual did so to impress his guide. When it comes to getting marijuana, the junior pothead probably didn’t set up the deal, or even have a part in it, and that is only if they are in possession of their own bag. There are exceptions to the previous two statements, and I personally know two individuals who did not have a Junior Pothead period, but they are still exceptions. The main thing to take away from this is that a J.P. is still trying to grasp an understanding of what pot is to them and whether or not they will continue to smoke it. 
 Pothead (Class 2)
If an individula graduates from their time as a J.P. with a desire to continue smoking, they become a Pothead (obvious due to the fact that the next progression from Junior anything is anything). A Pothead has the understnading of pot and what it means to them in the most basic of terms. Looking back, I can pinpoint the exact night I went from JP to Pothead. Instead of weighing the pros and cons, I just did, and it was glorious. The first sings of class change relate to an individual's desire to smoke. The act of smoking becomes more frequent, several weekends a month, or once a week. Gradually, the time between smoke sessions will shorten, prompting the pothead to purchase their own piece. With that decision, or more to the effect of around the time of that decision, a pothead will make their first private purchase of marijuana. This act may be accomplished through a friend, or they may know a dealer, but the fact is, they've invested money to partake in the culture.The most telling characteristic of a Pothead is their excitability. They also can be overly adamant about smoking in general, making specific plans to smoke, like date, time and place; and inviting almost anyone to join them.
Stoner (Class 1)
At some point, that excitement wears off as an individual begins to shift from Pothead to Stoner (Side Note: I do not believe that the terms are inter-changeable based upon my experiences and definitions). The time of excitement has passed for the Stoner, replaced with a passive expectation that smoking will happen when it happens. The further education that occurred while an individual held the distinction of Pothead has come to fruition. Not only does a Stoner understand their capabilities and limits in regards to pot, they've gained a good understanding if not appreciation for the marijuana culture. A Stoner may own more than one piece, and more than likely has a few different types. They also have a dedicated dealer or an extensive network of people who can help them acquire bud. Even Stoners are still learning new things, but their view cannot evolve when it comes to the act of smoking; It is going to happen, nothing to get excited about, nothing to fret over, it is just going to happen. Actions are what really tell someone an individual is a Stoner. While high, a Stoner generally does not 'geek' or 'cheese' (the act of getting overly excited over nothing, or laughing uncontrollably at an ordinary occurrence). Instead, a Stoner inhabits a place marked by an intense calm and a feeling of content. A nice place to be if I do say so myself.