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Smoking Titles

This is a list of the various smoking titles that my crew uses to further describe the individual's place in the culture:

FABRICATOR: An individual who designs and builds smoking devices for continual use, as well as aesthetics, starting from scratch and finishing with a completed design.

MACGUYVER: An individual who can adapt anything to be used as a smoking device, using limited tools and time, to ensure that there is something to smoke from when there is nothing else.

MASTER ROLLER: An individual who rolls perfect joints and/or blunts every time, often being extolled for their 'cannons' and the masterful way they fuck you up.

GOFOR: An individual who can go and grab everything the first time, without forgetting a single item, no matter how high they might be.

HIGHCHEF: An individual who cooks real food when they have the munchies, often realizing recipe genius in the process, to create a wonderful feast of deliciousness.

BURNOUT: An individual who has smoked themselves stupid, has no concept of their limits, and cannot function as a member of society while under the influence.

DESIGNATED HIGH DRIVER (DHD): An individual who can be trusted to get you places without killing you, or somehow getting the police involved, while being as high as everyone else.

DISC JOCKEY: An individual who operates the music box with exceptional results, playing nothing but the best and most appropriate music for the smoke session.

By no means is this list completed, and, by no means is this something that I alone wish to contribute to. Leave comments that include titles you know and what they mean, as well as where you are from. Remember, regional differences are hard to adapt to, and we should be working towards a common understanding here.

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