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01 February 2012

For Every Beginning an End

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2012                                        12:17 A.M. E.S.T.
PILOT F. Irish S/A    
EQUIPMENT Full Contingent   

     Due to financial difficulties, I must take my leave of marijuana. How long it will be I don't know, but I do know this is not my choice. Due to the regulations and fear mongering of marijuana in the United States of America it has become common practice to drug test individuals in order to hire them. As I must find another job to be able to scrape by in this economy I must give up that which I have chosen to treat my conditions. In my opinion, I am sacrificing my mental health and well being in order to be able to 'live'. It is with the greatest regret that I cannot continue the log, but I meant it to be an exploration while under the influence, and to conduct it without marijuana would go against the very purpose of this endeavor. One day I hope to return, to continue this and fulfill my dream, one day I will return to being the person I am comfortable being.

EB HIT! (Clearing out Old Blue Eyes so that I can put fresh green into him)

Tonight's entry will be unlike any you may have read here. All four of my bowls will make an appearance, though not a one will be a full pack. I don't think I have enough bud to fill them all completely. As I finish off the last of my bud, in these four separate pieces, I'm going to reflect on them, the interesting stories, the history, just... just go with it. I will wake them all to the creator before I clean them. It is my duty to honor their service, they've proven invaluable to me.

EB HIT! (Commodore Barry just pulled through, there wasn't much left in him)

Unfortunately, General Wayne was already cleared out last time I smoke out of him, so that just leaves my other General.

EB HIT! (General Sherman doesn't wanna give up the fight it appears, he threw Scooby Snacks at me, yet kept burning)

     All four are now cleared out. Time to pack.

     I can't do this right now. I've gotta sleep. Yous will get the last entry in the log, done the way Flight Log started. Pen to paper, ink flowing freely across the white canvas on which I record my life.

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