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13 May 2015

Curious to see

Lt. McMichael (The name of the particular piece of folk art I am smoking out of)

I'm kind of amazed right now. Actually really amazed, at the bane of my existence... Technology. It's something I am NOT a big fan of, and yet here I am using it. Talking to a smartphone with a headset on, about to listen to music, and sadly okay with it. I miss my typewriter.

All kidding aside, is pretty awesome. It also gives me a way of doing this interweb twining nonsense. Let's face it, anyone can walk around and talk to their phone these days. I'm just playing catch up. So, let's catch up!

It may sound terrible, but honestly the only thing that is drastically changed has been the number of bowls I own. I have a short story published on Amazon. Reeferman: From The Shadows. A short story that centers around a young reporter who happened to write the wrong article, dragging her into a war that had remained hidden for decades. Full of action, gore, conspiracy, a bit of humor, and a splash of romance (entirely owing to a published author I know who claims that you need romance). So, barring the shameless plug for a 99¢ story, the only thing that drastically changed was bowl count, and my more integrated technological guess work.

Anyway, this is just a forewarning of things to come, now that I'm coming to terms with the change in how society communicates. Long way from soap boxes on street corners, not so far from the miracle of email, kinda right next to the early days of Facebook, but entirely contained in a tiny computer that I talk to as I wander around in the gathering storm here in Delco, PA. I've got the world in my pocket, and I'm gonna talk to it about some random shit while I'm relaxing toking a bowl.

New people, even random return visitors, check out the first posts. They well help you to understand who is talking to you and about what. Years have gone by... it's been too long.

F.C. Irish

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