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31 March 2012

Doubt Anyone Still Reads This...

I Just wanna vent real quick. I'm tryin to do taxes. It pisses me off to no end. I found a job, which is difficult for those my age. But my job is an independent contractor job, which means at tax time i get a 1099-M. Ok... why is it impossible to fucking enter this shit online?  Why is the tax system an unnavigable quagmire of bullshit? Why am I even paying taxes? The Federal government has abandoned its youth, those people in my age group, who graduated during a recession. Not our fault the economy took a nose dive, and if we are looking to blame someone, well, it really does fall on Congress for their sloppy handling of the banking collapse. Yet, I've still gotta pay them money I don't have so they can continue to fuck me and everyone else who shares my situation. Talk about needed reforms.

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