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22 April 2012


Sunday, April 22, 2012                                                  12:39AM
Session 1 of the Day
F. Irish S/A
General Wayne

Entry 1

Smoking some really shitty weed. Don't got enough money to get more, nor am I going to chance a purchase if I am unsure of expenses later in the week. This shitty weed has mini seeds that are a hassle to pick out, and in all reality I could care less right now. I've smoked straight bowls of seeds, just seeds, ground up. At lease this has weed in it. But, as I said, I could care less. I'm hoping that it knocks me out, maybe just destroys me. I know seeds fuck you up more that you would care to know. Been there, done that.

Not gonna lie, but I'm empty... I'm a shell... I wish I had something profound, something new and interesting, something that grabs you by the balls and says "Hey fucker, this is the shit!" All I've got for any of you is an emptiness that I haven't been able to escape. A few people know why, and if you aren't one of those people, forget about it. I hope that at some point this will end. It is expensive some times, trying to smoke away the emptiness. I will tell you that you cannot voluntarily become a burnout. You can't intentionally smoke yourself stupid. It doesn't work... at least not in my case.


I hope you all enjoyed 420! I was on an awesome hike, ended the night with a bangin ass fire, all the while celebrating like we all should.


Started to write a new fiction work. Concerns marijuana, life, and history. Hope it actually comes out and is finished (literally finished, I need to accomplish something before I really start believing that my life is over and its all about just complying with the system of shit that everyone else determines is life). As soon as I've finished a good portion of it, portion meaning the equivalent of a chapter or short story, I may type it up as a post. But it is all a maybe anymore.

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