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19 December 2011


MONDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2011                                                                                  2:33AM E.S.T.
PILOT F. Irish S/A
EQUIPMENT General Wayne

      This is extremely weird for me to conduct an entry without writing it with my pen, on an actual piece of paper... but hey, gotta keep up with the times I suppose. Damn times, always changing. So, hehehe, let's figure out how to mark a...
I think the different color thing works, especially since it is as close to how I actually mark it in the Log itself. I'm going to fill yous in on exactly what I've been doing for three months, and how this blogspot plays into the scheme of things. 

     The FLIGHT LOG is a daily journal I keep, in which all of the writing and drawing are completed while high, unless otherwise noted. I use a Waterman Fountain Pen, writing on college ruled loose paper, in a rugged binder, wherever I may be sitting at the time. I find that my ideas can flow from my head to the paper through the pen more easily than if I were sitting with a laptop struggling to find the right lighting so that I can read what I'm typing while also limiting myself to where there is an outlet to keep my computer powered. I find inspiration in the outdoors...I've written five or ten page entries while sitting atop a boulder, or dangling my legs from a train bridge. Offices are not for me. 
Anyway... I structured the Log in a way that best suited my taste while also keeping it simple to understand. For every fresh bowl, I give a date/time stamp, followed by what number bowl it is of the day (Sortie), who is partaking in said bowl (Pilots), and what bowl we are using (Equipment). Every time I start a new section of writing I mark it as an Entry. There may be several entries to a sortie, each denoted by an entry number, and the time (if remembered). 

     The subject matter is completely scattered. Some entries are explanations of the smoking culture as I see it, going in depth with  my understanding, defining things as they relate to smoking, or divulging my stance on certain practices or lack there of in the world of marijuana. Other entries are about politics, the state of the nation, historical anomalies and parallels, or ideas on how to solves the issues. There are entries concerning my state of mind, including a very dark picture of the landscape that I stayed high to portray. Some concern love, my feelings on it, and so on, and yet another entry concerns what I would do to a woman. There are even comics that tell exaggerated tales from my life, or visually depict an idea that I've come up with. The point of the matter is, all of this was conducted while under the influence of marijuana, and though it may be extremely varied it was all a result of smoking to solve medical issues. To clarify, I smoke marijuana primarily for medical purposes. That does not mean I don't smoke for fun sometimes, but my smoking is not about getting fucked up, it is about getting focused. 

In the spirit of this entry, and due to the fact that I am not finished this magnificent bowl (if you would like to know where I purchase 3 out of 5 pipes I've owned, message me), I'm going to give yous a run down on my theory on the levels of smokers.


     I believe there are three distinct classes of marijuana users.  That means, there are three separate levels of marijuana smokers that applies to everyone who has every been graced by the plant. 
     First and foremost there are Junior Potheads. These individuals are the new recruits so to speak. They're giving Mary a test drive, seeing if they like the way it feels. They are not very keen on smoking with people they've never met, nor are they very knowledgeable in appropriate etiquette and execution. These are the people that have yet to realize their relationship to the culture, or how to act in it. For illustration purposes: I was helping a friend bust his cherry (smoke for the first time), and no matter how much I coached him, he would always pass back a smoke-filled bowl. It wasn't that he didn't know how to clear it, both myself and another stoner had demonstrated the technique quite a bit. It was that he did not like the taste of the smoke after he had let it go stale. He did not have the inclination to actually take all the smoke in one hit, nor the courtesy to clear the piece before he handed it off to two unwary stoners. The period of a Junior Pothead can last anywhere from a few hours, to a few years, depending on the person, who they are smoking with, and their access to marijuana. At some point, however, a JP will turn around and make the call as to whether they give up smoking, or graduate to the status of Pothead.

Hit! x2
     The middle, or second, class of marijuana smoker is the Pothead. This transformation comes when one day an individual decides they like smoking marijuana. That's the thing to notice, they LIKE it (I'll explain in just a minute why that is important). There is an excitability about the Pothead, the individual is pumped, ready to smoke, who's with them! They seek out other smokers initially, looking for fun people to smoke with, people who can get really good weed, people who are willing to listen to their exaggerated stories of smoking achievement (remember, this is based on my experiences, and there are always exceptions, so don't get offended over nothing). Around the time someone decides they're in it to win it, they'll acquire a piece. Most of us started with a pipe; simple, glass, something that caught our eye when we finally got the nerve to look for one. There is also a change in the acquisition of marijuana itself, in which the individual is directly purchasing from the dealer. For me, there was a specific change in thought that occurred, and I view it as the day I became a Pothead: Thanksgiving of 2011 had been a blast. We'd been drinking for almost twenty hours when someone suggested we smoke weed. Instead of weighing the pros and cons, I said to myself "That's an awesome idea!" There was no thought to it, there was just action. There is also the matter of self control that goes along with being a Pothead. It is hard not to laugh hysterically over the most simple of everyday occurrences. Oh no, that salt shaker fell over...salt is heheheheh, salt's everywhehehehere HA HA HA he HA HA (I am not to sure if that illustrates the point very well...). Marijuana has a meaning to a Pothead, but it only goes so far, one day a Pothead's views on the plant change.

     The third and final incarnation of the marijuana smoker is the Stoner. {They are not the same thing, Pothead and Stoner, at least not in my experience. Whereas a Pothead LIKES marijuana (they smoke to get messed up for the most part), a Stoner APPRECIATES the plant for its other attributes besides the aspects of fun. A.K.A. medical applications, artistic enhancement, the ability to focus, a way of making peace, etc.} To the Stoner, smoking is not about getting high as a kite every time they smoke, it is about the results of having smoked, and the qualities that come of it. As I've mentioned, I smoke for medical reasons. You may claim 'Bullshit! No one does that!', but you'd be wrong: You see, I have a high level of anxiety, as well as severe depression issues. Before  I began smoking for medical reasons I was constantly having nosebleeds when I would get overly stressed out. Twice I was hospitalized for stress and anxiety induced illnesses in which my stomach had begun to produce too much acid and my body was technically eating itself. One particular day, I was having a panic attack. I was going to fail a class because I could not relax enough to focus on what I needed to get done. I said "Fuck It! I'm gonna fail anyway, might as well get high!" Once I had calmed down, I looked at the task in front of me and accomplished it without ever stopping to freak out about it.  When it comes to the act of smoking, a Stoner views it as an inevitability. It is going to happen, so why get excited about it. Most Stoners smoke on a daily basis, and they are not stingy about sharing their bud with others. It comes down to this universal feeling of content and understanding that is experienced. You feel enlightened, capable of accomplishing any task, especially if you get to smoke before, during and after. 

Hit! x2

     There is more that can be discussed concerning these different levels, particularly what can be referred to as Titles (MacGuyver, Master Roller, Connect, etc.) within each class. On that subject, there is one that needs to be discussed right away just so you know why it is not a class, and that is BURNOUT. A Burnout is not another class of marijuana smoker, it is a title bestowed upon a marijuana smoker. If someone calls you a burnout, they are saying that you smoke yourself stupid, you are just smoking cause you've got it, and you aren't gonna stop till you can't smoke anymore. It is not a good thing, its a bad thing. BAD THING! Let's face it, as a burnout, you are wasting a lot: time that could be spent being productive, marijuana that is finite (you only need so much to get high), fun memories that you would have if you were able to function, money cause you need to keep buying pot and food. Being a Burnout is being irresponsible with your use of marijuana, there's no science or thought to it. 

Twenty minutes until the first 4:20 of the day... I guess I'll stay up tonight.

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