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29 December 2011

Late Night Clean Out

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29, 2011                                            3:57AM E.S.T.
PILOT F. Irish S/A
EQUIPMENT Commodore Barry, General Wayne

     I detest night/mornings like this one. I have not slept, nor do I have the intention of sleeping. I've been looking for a second job for most of the evening, one that would allow me to continue to smoke weed. The most I can come up with is trying to get the Log published... Which, at this moment, seems an insurmountable task.

HIT! (Commodore Barry has a blend of Purple Haze and Afghan Goo)

You see, though I use marijuana to inspire me to write, etc., it really takes a muse to make me work. Someone who I feel like I'm writing for. Sure, with this CyberLog, people are reading what I'm saying, but for the sake of the actual Flight Log, the paper and ink creation that has been boiling from inside of me since September 18th, I have no one who reads it. There are entries, more than one a day for the most part, that remain hidden from your eyes. It has been near two months since Beth has even read a single page. In real life, life outside of the internet, I have not a single muse to inspire such elegant writing as that which graces the first month or so of the Log.

HIT! (Barry)

     A close friend of mine had suggested we go into business once he is able to. I consider myself a Fabricator, which means, I build smoking devices. These aren't the kind of things you'd see created with the short sightedness of immediate smoking. The things I have created were meant to be both durable, and devastating. The Gateway, a double Gravity Bong that I built while in college, was a shortcut to the most high you will ever be. Difficult to create, as it involves connecting to bottles to one-another using a hose system, it survived one beating after another during my senior year of school. Last I was in Old City, it was rumored to be floating around near where I left it, still in use {If anyone knows what the hell I'm talking about in regards to the Gateway, please chime in. It'd be nice to know how that monster is, or was, doing.}. Upon my return to the north, and the subsequent chip that took my BongSpirits bottle out of action, I looked back upon my history with bongs. J. Rags had a habit of kicking Mayday (my bong) and spilling the contents everywhere. As the bong was glass I was constantly having a heart attack every time it was knocked around. Instead of dropping what amounts to a large sum of money to buy a new bong, I invested what came out to be a large sum of money to design and build a metal bong.

HIT! (Barry)

     It wasn't easy building the metal monstrosity, living at home where my mom didn't leave the house cause she didn't have a job. I had to explain away to contraption to my parents, claiming that it was a water distribution system that I wanted to build to make work in the summer heat bearable. Well, it held water alright, and it made the strangest bubbling sound when it was in operation...hmmm... hahaha. With a reservoir of stainless steel, and a neck of solid steel, the bong was a completely disassemble-able tank, consisting of four separate 'parts', for safety on those long distance visits with friends as well as for the addition to the reservoir of ice and a light. You could not gauge the impact of the hit you were taking cause you couldn't see the smoke, put a light source into the polished stainless interior and you had a beacon of marijuana goodness glowing in the night sky. For two weeks, the monster remained nameless, content with being manipulated into its most effective form. One night, that form was discovered, and Behemoth showed B. Cents and myself who was in charge. Do you know what it feels like to lose that mucus lining from your esophagus? I do...

HIT! (Barry)

     In terms of style, and ease of assembly/dis-assembly, Behemoth is a cave dweller. The weight alone can be a hassle while carrying the bong on your person, and its crude design, though bad ass, leaves a lot to be desired in terms of pleasing to gaze upon. The paint job is also spotty, I'm not going to lie to you. Two shades of blue, and white trim in a more or less robotic pattern, with paint chipped scars and crooked lines. Behemoth is a monster, one that I was barely capable of taming. Just the other night, while considering my friends idea/proposal, I envisioned a new design for the Behemoth's construction, one that would make ease of use a lot less of a problem, and aesthetics more than pleasing. The only issue is that I have no money to invest, nor the proper equipment to accomplish the task of constructing a prototype. Also there is the design and perfection of an incorporated glass piece to view the consistency of the smoke. However, if mass produced, I think this new evolution of my Behemoth class bong would be a huge success.

HIT! (Barry)

     That doesn't even scratch the surface of my obsession with creating new, interesting, fun, durable, and incredibly devastating smoking apparatus. Flight masks that connected directly to the bong, with air ventilation for regular breathing while not smoking, three different models were built and put to use.

HIT! (Barry)

A secret (THANK GOD THIS THING AUTO SAVES! I almost lost this entire post!) pipe that I built for re-enacting, cleverly disguised as the piece of field gear I modified to smoke out of (Note: No, not a gasmask, you look kinda weird running around in a smoke filled one). I've converted a gas mask for use with almost any smoking apparatus imaginable (easily accomplished with an adapter). I've built an earth bong, TWICE, as I found out that deer love pot as much as I do when they tore it apart for the tiny unburned morsels of Mary J. I have constructed two peace pipes, my personal pipe (Savage: name derived from the effect of the hits, not a racial prejudice) built of antler, wood, and glass bowl head; and B. Cent's 'mini' peace pipe, about the length of a 100, this little antler and wood pipe is as strong as the full sized version. I've attempted a Halo smoking helmet, but could not invest money into it. I designed, and cartooned, an atmospheric smoking/transportation platform for a contest (didn't win though, which was a bit disappointing considering the scope and genius of the complete system), and I've recently begun to experiment with wood and glass bongs.

HIT! (Barry)

     "But Irish," you say, "What is the point of building a bong out of wood and glass? We've already got glass bongs, and you've made a metal one. Why build one out of wood?" To see if it can be done... I want to know if a good bong can be built of wood, and how is a wooden bong constructed in the first place? I want to answer those question for my own satisfaction. Wood is a beautiful media if worked properly, and to be able to create pieces that flow with the natural grain of the wood, to bring out the natural eye candy in the wood and make a piece that is perfect harmony encapsulated...that's why I want to do it. It isn't about impressing anyone when I create my smoking devices, it is all about one simple question that I wanted a solution to. If all of my life were that easy, I'd live until I hit the century mark. But alas, fishes dream.

HIT! (Barry)

     The Commodore has but one more hit left in him. Upon completion of this bowl, Entry 1 will end. Sortie count remains 3, and General Wayne will assume the role as provider of THC. Today is a HIGHly promising day.

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