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31 December 2011


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2011                                             3:19AM E.S.T.
PILOT F. Irish S/A
EQUIPMENT General Wayne

     My thanks to J. Rags for hitting me up and calling me a pussy. It was aggravating trying to explain what a muse is, and he couldn't grip it due to the lack of scope I had provided, so he just called me a pussy. Anyway, it has been difficult to write recently. The entries lack the spark that I try to instill in my writing, that little flame that ignites a fire. Amazing how integrated our lives can be, if we choose to allow it. But, time to hit this packed bowl.


     So, I smoked a total of nineteen times on Thursday... from the time I woke up, until midnight, I smoked nineteen fucking times. And not once did I lose any function. This is both amazing and alarming. Amazing in the sense that after hot boxing a car with two simultaneous blunts, I was able to drive to hang with the band and proceed to smoke a bong and seven bowls (Mind you the circle was large, so there was an average of four hits a bowl per person). Alarming in the sense that I never got TOO high. I was debating whether or not you can voluntarily be a burn out, but I was unable to accomplish said feat. I couldn't do it, and I was trying.


It has gotta have something to do with frame of mind. I was high before  I started this entry, but, two hits in, I'm baked. Hehehe, levels of high... But first, something to waylay the cottonmouth. The answer, water (pronounced wood-er for those of yous who can't speak right). I drink primarily coffee, and I'm dehydrated, so water is the way to go, especially since I don't have to go far to get more.


     I would say pardon the lengthy inturruption, but you have no idea how long I'm taking to do things, like scan this page from a comic I drew. It is meant to illustrate the different levels of being high.
In the top cell, a crew member of some B-17 I just happened to be flying has pulled down a chart. From top to bottom, meaning from as high as you can be to as sober as you can be they are: 11th Dimension, Weed Coma, Hella Baked, Baked/Stoned, High, Buzzin', Sober. The bottom left cell is a jumbo jet going in for a landing while my crew and I ascend to the level of High. The co-pilot and I, in the bottom right cell, are discussing the situation. "Holy shit, that's a Jumbo Jet! There must be a lot of people in that bitch..." I reply, "Must be a concert or something." Alright, I understand that that isn't the best of jokes, jokes weren't the point of this particular comic. Levels of High were.

    Man, it was difficult to format that picture the way I wanted it.


     Everyone starts off sober, and everyone knows what sober feels like. No explanation needed there I hope. Next comes Buzzin'; you're getting there, feeling it come on, but not quite. You just aren't High; you feel good, calm, relaxed. You still think about what's going on when you're sober until you get Baked/Stoned; two different ways of approaching this level: Baked, more of a giddy feeling, easy to laugh, and easily distracted; Stoned: a very deep feeling of chill, zoning occurs, and not very responsive. Either way, you end up Hella Baked; you feel a deep sense a calm, yet an invigorated want for movement, everything is a wonder to behold, everything is magically awesome. Somehow you end up in a Weed Coma (also known as Couch Lock); you can't move your body, you just hope to God that drink you had that you keep forgetting about will magically will its way into your hand. Even then you can't lift your arm, unless you've somehow found the 11th Dimension...which requires some background.

HIT!(At 4:20AM! Coincidence?! No, I waited, just so I can says I did it.)

     One night, while sitting in my living room in Florida, I decided I wanted to build the ultimate Gravity Bong. A Gravity Bong works by using the vacuum created when you lift the bottle out of the water to pull the hit. I wanted to know if it was possible to make the volume of the hit larger by creating another source of vacuum pressure. A hose, with a T-joint in the center, connected two gallon jugs together. Either you used a bathtub, or a double sink to have the space necessary to use it, and it pulled a lot from a little. It accomplished its job. J. Rags was the test dummy, and boy was he a dummy after that. It took fifteen minutes to clear the GB, and he took every hit. Smoke gets stale, as many of us know, but he took all five full breaths that the monster gave. Needless to say, he was higher than I've ever seen anyone in my life. He developed his own language, saw a dragon in the visualizer, and was very animated, yet tied to the couch. He would drift in and out of activity. It was pretty intense, he came down five hours later, and demolished my kitchen.


     As I've mentioned before, and will continue to mention, this is MY UNDERSTANDING. I've had many discussions on the subject with various separate groups of smokers, and generally there is an understanding of what I'm describing, if not just a different set of names. Sometimes, you'll have people who outright call you an idiot for trying to figure it out. Personally, I don't care if you don't want to go that in depth with it, but just because I have this view, I am not an idiot. In fact, the truth of that matter would be that you are ignorant of other people's views. Just because you do something doesn't mean you understand it. You must always seek to learn more, to get a better stance on a subject, to see it in all the different shades that make up the whole. If it comes down to experience, how do you gauge that in the smoking world? Is there a need to? And is there any possible way to rate these achievements on a fair level? On Highdeas, there is an attempt to create a Stoner Achievement List (http://highdeas.com/offbeat/Stoner_Achievements), the list goes on and on. Point values are determined by the individual posting them, it is hard to use as an actual gauge, though it would be amazing.


     The point is, no matter how much of a stoner you think you are, you can't honestly say you have the right views on the matter, I don't even say that. I just talk about my views so that I can get some sort of discussion going on these matters. If we can understand it universally amongst ourselves, we can make it easier for the non-pot smokers to get the right picture. If you want credentials on my qualifications, my right to say what I say, I can't give you anything that will force you to agree. To make it simple, I'm going to denote the transfer from General Wayne to General Sherman and a new Sortie in this same post.

EB HIT! (Perfect end to that bowl, and the beginning of the next, Proud To Be A Stoner, by Kottonmouth Kings came on shuffle.)

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2011                                                                            4:51AM E.S.T
PILOT F. Irish S/A
EQUIPMENT General Sherman

ENTRY 1 (Con't)
Time Smoking: 4 years
Fabricator, Connect
# of Pieces: 8
Bud: G-13
Smoking Spot: Woods
Piece: Old Blue Eyes
Saying: "Yo..."
Song about Pot: Reefer Man by Don Redman


I've smoked in every coastal state south of Massachusetts, spent time in six separate smoking cultures, created smoking devices, got a handout that said they searched and found nothing, dealt with law enforcement, smoked in almost every conceivable setting, taken AND PASSED college exit exams while high (third best in my major is pretty good, but the opposite of what my transcripts would indicate), conducted heated discussions with professors without losing focus or grasp of the subject. The list can go on and on. I could go sentence after sentence of things I've done while high, places I've been, discussion had, pot smoked, ways pot was smoked, but none of that can really account for any sort of right to claim that I know better than anyone else, and likewise, no one can really say that I'm wrong if they haven't tried to understand what I mean and why. 

HIT! x2

     It comes down to that one fact, no one can say you are wrong when talking about personal experience. Their experience was different from yours, they see it another way, and if they are not willing to discuss the matter to understand your view then don't bother arguing about it (Talk to your elders kids, they've got wisdom that you'll one day realize isn't bullshit, cause the majority isn't). I feel like I've been rambling for a bit, and I must confess I feel that way cause a thought popped into my head: Don't try to force anything, work with it until you figure it out or can't solve it. Go with the flow, and keep living. That thought came on and I honestly lost the will to continue the Log right now. 


You see, I need to learn to live with a reality that I don't really want to be. From experience, I have a view of what will happen in the situation, and even though I don't want it to happen, I'm not going to put someone in a position where they will be unhappy with their decision. So, I've gotta learn to accept something that changed my perception of things... without giving up, which is hard to do at this point. The idea of it is that I need to defeat myself to keep myself safe; I need to not let myself repeat the same situations I have in the past and try to retain at least part of what was so that my life doesn't change greatly. And as much as someone may think they've ruined what was, I'm away cause I'm trying to suppress that side that could cause you to lose your happiness. As soon as I've got that under control, it'll be just like old times.

Happy New Years kids! Take on the New Year with a high view of everything.

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