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17 January 2012

...And I'm Not Tired

TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2012                                                 2:00 A.M. E.S.T.
PILOT F. Irish S/A  
EQUIPMENT General Wayne

     Which can go both ways. I can be upset about it, or I can make it productive. The issue is in the word productive. I can argue that writing in the blog here is being productive, that I am contributing toward my goals by putting in another entry and leaving it at that for the night. But that would not get me any closer to my goals. As it stands right now, my total page views sits at 199, which, for only doing this since November 10th seems good to me. I've had readers from six countries (By volume: U.S., Russia, Germany, U.K., Ireland, Ukraine), which has startled, enlightened, and brought me enjoyment. My most viewed post has been 'Changes', a two paragraph foray into how my views have changed, and my least viewed  (with stats) has been 'Reefer Man', a comic about a vindictive spirit that possess my body. I've got three pages, one poll, and a smattering of other things that I found interesting, and still do not have a complete grasp of what this blog is capable of doing in relation to functions of the site.


     As for real life statistics, I've written 290ish pages by hand, started drawing 13 comics and finished maybe 7. I've smoked a rough estimate of eight ounces of pot from start of Log till now, and this is an extremely rough estimate, there have been times where I made due with less, or smoked more. I've retired my first bowl after discovering a hairline fracture in the neck, had my second thrown out with no warning, purchased one new bowl, and built three apparatus while keeping the Log. I've consumed ungodly amounts of coffee, smoked a hellish amount of cigarettes (but I make my own, and a pack equates to 80 cents...this fucking keyboard doesn't have a cents symbol which enrages me) and missed I don't know how many meals. Nights of sleep lost are negligent, as I probably would have been awake regardless. I haven't taken any cherries, but I have smoked with at least seven new people, including members of a band.

HIT! x2

     I guess where I'm going with this has to do with just the accomplishment that I am feeling. I know for damn sure that I do not know one-hundred and ninety-nine people, though I can attest that somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty are personal friends. But the fact that people in other countries are reading this is really awesome! As far as I was concerned, this was only relevant to the people in the U.S., and even then it would be a very limited thing as not all of us are the most understanding of people. I was grandiose in my plans, but limited in my scope, I just wish I could see how many people are return visitors. It would be a huge confidence boost to know that people are enjoying it enough to come back. Besides beginning the query process, I have been thinking about Pod-casting, or somehow connecting with the readers. Not gonna lie, it'd be pretty pimp to smoke with yous over the internet. We may not be in the same place, but we're in the same circle. And it would help start a line of communication, a way of keeping in touch with such a varied group of individuals who each have their own experiences and views that can be applied to the greater scheme of things.


     "A house divided against itself cannot stand."- Abraham Lincoln, June 16, 1858.


     Think on that for a minute, disregard the fact that it concerns slavery in the United States, that it was prophetic, and that the man who gave it, and hundred of thousands in blue or gray likewise, died for the betterment of humanity. Now look at our world. In almost every country there has been civil unrest in one form or another, major nations are at each others throats, and the 1% is still in charge of the 99%. I share one commonality with all of you, one thing that connects us regardless of any creed or creedo, flag or symbol; Marijuana. I declare myself a Stoner, from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the United States of America, the New World.

HIT! x2

     Let me know, what are you? Where do you hail from? Declare yourself, just be smart about it. Names tend to be a bad thing kids, especially here in the states.


And the General had been retired from the field.

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