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17 January 2012

Ethics and Such Nonsense

TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2012                                                   8:06 P.M. E.S.T.
PILOT F. Irish S/A    
EQUIPMENT General Wayne  

     Stoners are some of the most helpful people in the world. Think about it, a true Stoner is never going to back out of something that will ultimately help someone else, unless that other person has severely wronged them. If you are outta bud, most Stoners will assist in getting you high, or giving you enough to get there later. I personally do not worry about money when smoking people up, sharing is caring they always say, and I care a lot about marijuana. Partly due to my philosophy on bud, and mostly due to the lyrics in a song, I joke that I'm the Reefer Man. Olde Tyme Jazz baby! But we are digressing from the point here.


     Quick run down of my Stoner ethics, my PERSONAL Stoner ethics: Always be willing to share, even if it is your last bud, for someday the favor will be returned. Respect other view points, preferences, and definitions regardless of your own. Never turn down a bowl of bud, regardless of quality (it may be all they have access to). Always offer a fresh packed bowl to the rest of the group,


cause someone may not have had a greens hit it a while. NEVER STEAL MARIJUANA! I'm sure I could go on, I got lost on youtube for a hot minute.
     That last one is one that I stand by with a vengeance. I have never stolen marijuana, from anyone. I've been accused of it, only to show them that I was not who they thought I was, yet again. But when I was accused of that, man was I upset. Come on now, it is something as sacred to me as the Cause for which the United States separated from the British Empire. I've had shit stolen from me, smoked out from under me, and been short changed on more than a couple deals, but I never did the stealing, and I threatened those that did. I am not a criminal, and just because the Feds say that I am, doesn't mean they know what the fuck they are talking about (if they ever do). I have no intent to commit random acts of violence, rob a bank, or erase someone's life while high, or for acquisition of marijuana. That does not happen when you are a Stoner. And I'm not saying that all people who smoke will not do such things, for there are always bad apples in the bunch.


     But, like the United Kingdom, there is an unwritten constitution among smokers, and those who break it find that they are soon alienated. I know a kid, and when I say kid, I mean he is sixteen, who stole a very large amount of marijuana. He had no way of paying for it, he disregarded why it was even there, and he stole this dude's entire stash. The guy he took it from is a medical user (like a lot of citizens in the Commonwealth) who cannot find an appetite because of the procedures he has to go through for his illness. The kid cannot be brought to any form of legal justice, he cannot be punished within the law. He must therefore be punished through the culture. I personally have neglected contact with the kid, determined to keep him as blind as possible in terms of how this culture works in the area. He does not deserve to know, nor be a part of, any smoking circle that I associate with. The issue is cutting him off completely from marijuana.


     If I had my way, this kid would not be able to find brick in any neighborhood or location in the area. The issue is the 'young' crowd, the emerging number of high school smokers who have created their own set of rules to govern the culture. To the uneducated, we are all the same. We all smoke, we all get stupid, we all eat ungodly amounts of food, use eye drops, vegetate on the couch, and generally waste our time in the pursuit of nothing. Fuck you, uneducated person. Sure we all smoke, but I do not get stupid unless I'm trying, my experience has actually been the opposite. I feel more focused, motivated, and able to accomplish the most difficult of tasks when I'm high. I say often that pot helps me fire on all cylinders, cause that is what it does for me. I eat, but not often, when I'm high, though it does tend to be junk food, I don't get red eyes unless it is ridiculously good bud, I feel more compelled to go out and do things, and I've done more because I was motivated while high, then I think I ever could have accomplished sober or drunk. It is more or less a case by case basis, much like alcohol. For the sake of argument, and due to fundamentally different view points, I called them the 'young' crowd as they have done what most people in my generation do: Claim their superiority and deny anything besides their own ideas, vocabulary, and habits.


     What I'm saying is that the younger smokers in my area, the middle teens (14-18) tend to think their shit doesn't stink when it comes to bud. They recklessly handle it where it should never, by virtue, go (schools). They deny any ideas contrary to their own, for instance, a deeper understanding of the culture that they claim to know. They cheat, steal, and rat each other out based on some bullshit comment or another, never truly obtaining solidarity. They needlessly risk exposure to the public (and in doing so, potentially to the police) to get so high they can't socially interact. A glass piece is no more valuable to one of these individuals then the money they spent on it. Nothing is sacred, nothing is just. It infuriates me to think on the topic, because these are the type of individuals that make the rest of us look bad.


     Taking a sec to chillax. Look, I've got nothing against their vocabulary, it is a creature of their own little niche, but I cannot abide by their self proclaimed dominance in all manner of marijuana subjects. They exist in a closed group, one that does not want to accept the differences of opinion that come with experience. Much like the stereotype of their age group, anyone who is older doesn't know man. Tisk tisk tisk, you poor little smoker, how you have allowed your own mind to shut out the greater world. I pity you, though I detest your misuse of this flower goddess. Learn respect, learn how to be humble, and you will go much farther in the world.


It is not possible to cut the kid off from marijuana because in the eyes of those he hangs with, he did a good thing. He got them a good chunk of bud for nothing, or at little cost. Instead of not being able to find bud, the kid more than likely gained a contact or two through his own distribution. And any sort of authority figure, regardless of age or purpose, is an enemy to his little smoker niche. He is a hero to them, and a villain to me. One that cannot be removed, or reprimanded, because he is not within any jurisdiction.

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