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09 January 2012

Quick Thought Before Food

MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 2012                                                    6:06 P.M. E.S.T.  
PILOT F. Irish S/A    
EQUIPMENT Commodore Barry   


     I've gotta look into the actual log to retrieve the thought I had today. Smoker types!

HIT! x3

You see, C.R. doesn't smoke by himself. Now, mind you , he is a Junior Pothead, he just doesn't have the desire to smoke by himself. It wasn't until recently that he started smoking without his guide (the person responsible for his comfort around marijuana), but he will only smoke if someone else is smoking. I, on the other hand, smoke so often, it really isn't practical to worry about other people joining me for a bowl. Not to mention, I'm not smoking as a social outlet, I'm smoking as a medical user for the majority of the time. This, however brings up a very interesting point. I believe in the classes, and the titles, but are there types?


     I need to make a reference page: stoner/pothead/jp; active/reserve/retired; titles; types... It'll be a community project. I'll give a list of the terms I know, and yous can help fill in the blanks. We'd have to make regional designations though. So, lets see where that goes! I'll use another post to really get into the type issue, cause its almost dinner, and I've got no idea what the night holds in store for me.


Later kids. And to my Russian, German, and UK friends, nice to see yous, glad you found it! Jealous of Amsterdam.

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